Thursday, January 7, 2016


Not a lot of people know this about me, but I really like horses. But only if they're really big ones. I have a very hard time resisting a big horse, especially if they're the kind you have to use a ladder to get up on, like the knights of old did with their massive chargers. The view is fantastic from up on one of those ponies, and I can't resist getting up on one whenever I can. Sure, that horse ride might be out at some stable somewhere, but you'd be surprised at the weird places the equestrian opportunity presents itself. And I rarely say no when it does. Whether it's out at the library I work at, cruising the Internet, talking to my co-workers, in the middle of driving my car around town, or even in the midst of a discussion with a friend, I will drop everything when I see one of these tall, tall horses, and I will scramble that long way up to take a seat in the mighty thoroughbred's saddle and to survey the world with a kingly eye. Why, everyone looks like ants down below!

I'll admit I sometimes start to feel bad about interrupting everything, causing havoc and discomfort just to get up on some giant horse. The world is not well made for towering horses of the kind I prefer. And let's face it, their copious manure goes everywhere and can get a bit offensive for those down below.  Yes, I'm thrilled to be up there on the horse, but sometimes I start to look around at everyone way down below, and I feel a little sick and disoriented. The heights are so dizzying. I think that maybe I'd better get down. Maybe I'd be better off, safer, more grounded if I came on off my horse. But it's so far up there it can be hard to even know how to get down. I wonder if someone please could help me down from my horse.

Maybe a ladder? Anyone? 

I wonder if they can even hear me down there. I wonder if they could even figure out how to help me if they knew. Sometimes I wonder if they're so blind they can't even see anything? People are such fools, gazing at the ground, lacking true creativity, wallowing the the mud and muck. Well, the fact is that I'm fine staying up here if I have to. 

I hardly need help from the likes of them.

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