Thursday, January 28, 2016

Where we stand

I try not to discuss politics here. This is not due to my fear of offending, my lack of clarity, or any absence of interest on my part. It has to do with the ferociousness that comes upon me, the stripping of humor, and the righteousness that seizes me. So unless I can manage to come at my politics sideways, with delicacy, and, preferably, still possessed of a wry humor, I do my best to abstain.

But this is a big political year and I run a big time major American blog. So people are more frequently wondering just where I stand politically. And I thought if I could find a way to articulate simply the fundamentals of my politics, then you, my reader, can do or not do with it as you wish.

I have chosen a relative, yet absolute, barometer of my political position.

It is this:

No matter where you stand politically, I am to the left of that.

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