Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Customer Appreciation Week: Day Five

Yes, Customer Appreciation Week has not gone off without a hitch. Our daily presents to you, to express our deep gratitude at your patronage of clerkmanifesto, have not always been perfectly executed. But there are still three whole days of Customer Appreciation Week. Let us not dwell on the past and get lost in it and in the one or two or three things that may or may not have gone wrong. We have a fantastic gift for you for Day Five, let's get right down to that.

I have mentioned here an impending month long trip to Rome and how it will surely affect the content of this blog in the year to come. As the trip is still far off, those Rome posts have been only slowly trickling in. But I can assure you that many more are coming. One of the posts we presented so far concerned Roman gelato. And indeed we are at this point in my Rome trip research deeply absorbed in the fascinating richness and variety of Rome gelato options. So we at clerkmanifesto thought, what if we sent out a massive sampler package of Roman gelato as a thank you gift to all our readers. This would leave you prepared to better understand our gelato posts in the future while giving you an exciting treat right now.

Don't worry, we have covered everything. Food restrictions, vegan, gluten free, lactose intolerant, SCD, sugar-free? I have tailored your selection of gelatos to exactly what you can eat. The gelaterias of Rome are that deep in their variety. And while, for instance, a gelato without milk, using only fruits and honeys may not technically be "gelato", let's not quibble. These Roman Artisanal producers know what they are doing. I know this because I have spent the last three days, virtually around the clock, working with dozens of these people and arranging for one of the most grand scale International delivery projects that you have likely ever been the beneficiary of. Your gelato samplings, tailored individually to you, are going to blow your mind.

Why, you ask, why are we doing this?

Because we appreciate you that much. Because we want you to know just how much clerkmanifesto values your patronage.

But how will this work, you want to know.

It's simple. Clerkmanifesto has a very special relationship with DSIB Couriers (yes, the people who delivered our day two gift, a kitten). They should be arriving today in the early evening with a carefully packaged, still fresh selection of seven to nine gelatos from two to four different Roman gelaterias. Simply sign the courier's receipt and enjoy one of the most extraordinary food treats you will have ever tasted. A treat, it should be noted, that in any other circumstances you would have to travel all the way to Rome to sample.

But, you wonder, won't the gelato have melted?

The gelato, the, um, the gelato? Melted? 

Oh crap!

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