Friday, June 17, 2016

Angry man

Sometimes I get angry, just, angry. And I think "This is not so good all this anger."

And then I think "But it is all so justified."

And then I think "But it is not so good all this anger. If you were angry at everything that there is to be angry at you would not have enough time to feel anything else."

Then a third part of me thinks "Aha! Perhaps that is the point!"

And then I think "Now I will not be so angry."

Which makes me very mad.

Very mad.

It turns out one has to take care of all the angry stuff down in the roots if one really wants to do anything about it, and it is very hard to get down into the roots. Much digging. Whereas it is pretty easy to go hacking among the branches of anger. Not least because one can do this in a fury.

Sadly it just makes more branches grow.

But you know this. You know everything, which is why it is so nice to write to you.


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