Sunday, June 12, 2016

Changing America

Yes, America has changed.

There was a time, not so long ago, when if a stranger sneezed one could simply say "God bless you." And everyone understood. With the descaling of religiousness, due to increasing enlightenment, this sneeze salutation soon became more commonly just "Bless you." But that was still widely accepted throughout the land.

But now people come from and embrace a wider range of spiritualities, backgrounds, and health philosophies. People live in America by a wider range of specific codes. Now if someone sneezes one must say "Bless you, unless weird cultural remnants of superstition offend you, or you are bodily function acknowledgement averse, or belong to any cult or devoutist subset of any religion that would quail at a non member blessing. If any of these be true please accept my comment as a mere greeting, if you can. No response is necessary."

Traditionally overblown public screeds like this one, about the changing nature of America, are complaints. But not this one. Come a sneeze I am only willing and, indeed, eager to give the longer response.

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