Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fresh from the fields

Feeling a little need for recharging, I let my accumulated blog posts roll out onto the Internet while I sat around, quietly at home, watching soccer. I watched 1,937 minutes of soccer between two major tournaments, and then, as from a dream, woke up. Here is what I found:

1. These tournaments have barely even begun! I have to watch 4,698 more minutes of soccer whether I want to or not now!

2. I have to write a blog post immediately, or my consecutive blog posts record will end and I'll have to start over from scratch, explaining what an overdue book is, and trying to convince you all over again that I deserve a Nobel Prize. Do you know how hard it was to convince you I deserved a Nobel Prize the first time?

3. All my ideas for blog posts involve feverish ravings about Spanish Midfielder Andres Iniesta, which, thought I'm sure you would find interesting, would run on for 177 single spaced hallucinatory stream of consciousness pages.

4. I'm at work! What am I doing at work? How long have I been working here?

If it's okay with you I just need to mull this all over for a bit, and clear my head, and maybe just jot down a few notes about Andres Iniesta, Spanish Midfielder, who may be the subject of my next 311 blog posts.

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