Thursday, June 2, 2016

Giving my all

I want to give my job my all. I want to run at full speed for the library every minute of every day. So I try. But every rare once in awhile something happens that throws me off of my stride. I have to slow down and collect myself. I have to go into a kind of work shutdown, a minimal maintenance level. I do not seek these times out. I don't want to just barely work. But, alas, things happen and I am compelled by events beyond my control.

Here is a partial list of events that force me into a slowdown:

1. Too many books found misshelved by my co-workers.

2. Manager looked at me wrong.

3. Exhausted by extraordinary feat of library clerking.

4. Exceeded imaginary quota of maximum library card registrations for the day.

5. Building temperature is too high.

6. Encountered equipment problem of a recurring and, to me, preventable nature.

7. Scented the unspecified odor of injustice in the air.

8. Scented the specified odor of our regular patron who has hygiene problems.

9. Can't help but notice that I am doing more work than the mean level of library clerk.

10. Am faced with a work schedule that takes too much advantage of my work competencies.

11. Am faced with a work schedule that neglects my special work competencies.

12. Library is quiet.

13. Library was once busy and owes me for how hard I worked.

14. Am feeling a bit peckish.

15. Have not had coffee in the last fifteen minutes.

16. I consider my wages on a relative cultural level.

17. We fail to have a book, game, movie, or CD that I think we should have.

18. An overdue fine of any amount is assessed on my card.

19. I think of European Social Democracies.

20. The weather is nice.

21. Computer is running too slow.

22. I think of librarians.

23. I remember how it used to be around here.

24. I Realize I need to stop and smell the roses.

There's more, but I have work to do.

I mean, unless something comes up.

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