Sunday, June 26, 2016

More prayers

I have mentioned before here that sometimes the gods answer the prayers of my blog. It is always in small ways. And ever it is so that I did not know I was praying to begin with. Perhaps the gods all love prayers so much they are sometimes compelled to go make them into prayers by the mysterious act of answering them.

More things happen in the world by this device than any of us would dare to imagine. "It would be lovely if we got a little rain tonight" is an idle musing and nothing of a prayer. But if a god can puff over a pit of cold front in answer to it, well, it becomes prayer in retrospect, whether the muser wants it so or not.

Not so many days ago I advocated in this space for the growing of edible plants in public places. Most significant in my argument involved trees with red berries of no edibility and my fervent desire that they would be cherries. I knew they could be cherries because on my weekday commuting walk I go right by someone's front yard cherry tree, all charming looking, shady, modest, and bursting with cherries. I wanted some of those cherries, but they were private cherries.

Today I walked by that cherry tree and there was a sign under it: "Help yourself to a cherry!" So I did.

It wasn't a prayer, and I was asking for something else anyway. I was asking for a vast reconsidering of public landscaping.  But the prayer I didn't ask for was answered, so I'll take it.  Especially as it involved cherries

The gods are fickle, mercurial, stinting, and strange. On the whole it is best to thank them when they find their strange way to come through. That is, if one can spot it happening. I try to keep a look out.

Oh, right, I almost forgot. Amen.

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