Monday, September 5, 2016

Ambivalent meaning

In a conversation with one of my co-workers this morning I came to understand that it is possible for me to like a co-worker who I do not entirely respect. I may think someone is basically bad at this job and still, somewhat, like them. But, and this was the surprise to me, I believe it turns out that concurrently I am incapable of disliking any co-worker who I basically respect. I have had hundreds and hundreds of co-workers here over the years. Many of them have been quite good at their jobs, barring a few flaws here and there that we are all heir to, and of those there is not a single one I did not like. Imagine that.

Although I have to admit there have been incredibly few people I have really disliked here over the years.

And also, on reflection, I can't help but notice that if I don't like someone it's not that hard to see them as not all that good at their job. 

Like I said, everyone has a few flaws. 

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