Sunday, September 18, 2016

Rome day one

A 37 day imaginary travelogue of a trip to Rome (with a few scattered other places such as New York). This is written to match the journey I am actually taking, and so each post is concurrent with the more or less actual day my wife and I are experiencing in Rome.

What day number are we on?:One

Level of writer's drunkenness (in real life, scale of 1-10): Well, still one, but I am now sipping a frozen lemoncello from a little elephant shot glass bought in Rome over a decade ago.

What am I eating (in real life again)?: Nope, not hungry.

Map or picture?: Okay, we're staying near here. Looks more like Tokyo than I remember from when I was last here at the turn of the Century!

Any other notes/Status: Are you kidding? I don't have time for extra notes!

Today's Entry:

Before I go I always think that travel, the actual airports and all that, will be terrible. But I do forget how well it can be mitigated by the sheer thrill of being on a trip. There's such a sense of exultant freedom. We have cast our fates to the wind! Look at us in an airport! Look at the security guards making sure we have are no danger to the free world! We aren't. We love the free world, never more than now when we are the free world winners!

I apologize for my unseemly gloating as you sit toiling away in your office or workplace. Remember how you sometimes say "No, but really, I like my job. It's a good job." Focus on that. Besides, now you're on a Rome trip, sort of. Only you're still in New York. But we're all getting there. And getting there is half the fun! Er, a quarter of the fun. An eighth?
And so we have made our way to an acceptable, even cute hotel near Times Square in New York. Our room is so tiny that there is no side access to the bed, just walls and bed. Luckily I can still crawl. New York is thrilling, but a little part of me, easily quieted, thinks "This could be better". But another part of me says "Yes, it could, but I don't care!"

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