Wednesday, March 15, 2017

More Christianity

It snowed. Starting in the mid afternoon on Sunday and concluding somewhere in the wee hours of Monday morning, snow unceremoniously fell from the sky. When it was done there were about three inches of snow. This is more than the Southerners among you might think, enough to completely alter the look and feel of the world. I know all about it because first I had to shovel it, and then I had to walk four miles in it. I felt very good about my neighbors who shoveled their sidewalks, but sometimes whole blocks were completely unshoveled and I had slog along through them, like through heavy sand, slowing me down and making my cold March walk a long and late one.

Jesus said "Judge thy neighbor as thyself." 

Well I did, which is why I felt such contempt for so many of them.


  1. Well, i declare! If the Yankee are having trouble with shoveling the snow off their banquetts it's up to you to lift them out of their natural state of barbarbic savagery.
    Their irresponsibility can easily be traced to the wickedness of Babylon. Didn't Jesus lift most of his material from Hillel?!
    So, there it is, the desperation caused by a cold climate makes a person wanton.

    1. I don't know. I think you have become focused on this North/South divide when the real division between Americans is Cat/Dog.

      But I could have my own fixations.

  2. I guess this means you were nnot entertained by my circuitous connection of your neighbors' inability to shovel their sidewalks with the fleshpots of Babylon. Ouch.... :*(

    1. Naw, I was entertained. I don't fully understand everything you say, but consider you basically perfect, and always have.


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