Friday, May 19, 2017

Not I alone

Someone whose identity I will protect brought in two enormous chocolate bars to the free food table in the break room (it was Marcus, the teen librarian, but you didn't hear if from me). It was more than two full pounds of chocolate in sheets too thick to break by hand. One had to drive a knife down between squares to get it into usable chunks. I strongly resist eating any food on the free food table. Usually this is easy because that food is disgusting. Sometimes though the free food is marginally good enough to require a reminder to myself that I have my own food and don't really do well eating whatever it is. But chocolate I do eat, and this was not bad chocolate. In fact it said right on the package that it came from Belgium. That's gotta be worth something, doesn't it, chocolate from Belgium? So I had a square of chocolate.

Several hours later when I was in the break room getting my 14th square of chocolate I suddenly noted that all this once seemingly endless chocolate was nearly gone. I was stunned. I did a quick, rough calculation and realized that for this to be possible nearly everyone else at my job had to be eating as much chocolate as me!

I had no idea. They all look so innocent.


  1. Ah-hah, the Pound Plus chocolate from Belgium by way of Trader Joes. Good stuff, part of my breakfast every day. Yay, Marcus.

    1. That's a lot of chocolate. I would think more than a pound of it would be enough for a breakfast, but it's only part of yours! Well, it's an important meal.

      Do you use a table saw to cut it up?


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