Thursday, May 11, 2017

Useful adage

In the last segment of my bike trip to the University and to my car there is a tricky bit where my path feeds directly onto a walking path. This is not a combined path. It specifically forbids bikes on this section. But to avoid it I have to take my bike off a curb, veer sharply left, follow a road, turn right, and find some way back up onto the sidewalk to cut across to the next short section of my route. It's a considerable inconvenience. Because that convenient but illegal short walkway is wide and irresistible to me I have begun to give in and ride carefully along it. I don't think this really puts too many people out, but I felt I should be prepared in case someone says something to me.

I have found, in moments of surprise and stress it can be difficult to come up with the right thing to say. Being prepared gives me confidence. So I have prepared and now, if someone were to say to me "Hey, this is a walking path here. No bikes!" I have decided that I will respond "Once I have gotten over my initial hostility towards your comment I will take that under consideration."

And I will. 

But until that comment I will go with the private thought: "There is no need to grease a wheel that hasn't squeaked"

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