Saturday, June 17, 2017

200 Views of Rome: Church of St. Louis of the French (San Luigi dei Francesi)


5 Stars

Very nice French church near a good coffee shop. 

HA! I really enjoy that understatement.

So, actually, yes, it is a nice church well worth peering about at, up the street from the legendary coffee shop Sant Eustachio. But we're here for 3 drop dead miracles of the human experience, 3 paintings by Caravaggio, hung up on some side chapel like they're a footnote. These are not footnotes. This is as great a painter as who ever lived, working at full power. Holy crap.

Why are the paintings obscured by gloom? 

You have to put a coin in the box to turn on the light for a bit.


Oh, thanks, I was just about to put one in myself.

This is absolutely worth flying thousands of miles just to see alone! And yet, if you miss it... no biggie. That's Rome for you.

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