Monday, June 19, 2017

200 Views of Rome: Giolitti


4 Stars

It's really hard for me to properly rate this as it was such a personal pleasure to my wife and I. It was close to where we lived and our fallback for our nightcap. We would sit at a table, deliciously reserved for table service people like us, and slightly grubby, old world style waiters with names like "Fwed", would formally, kindly, and not entirely attentively, wait on us. Negronis and wine, and they'd give us olives, peanuts, and potato chips while we watched the throngs get gelato, take pictures of their gelato, and not be allowed to sit down. Giolitti is almost divey, almost once glamorous in 1920, and yet entirely legendary. The gelato? I had a bit. It's okay. If you're on the hunt for great gelato this is not a place you need to go. But if you want to talk about gelaterias, well, yes, Giolitti will always come up.

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