Sunday, June 25, 2017

200 Views of Rome: La Rosetta


3 Stars

We weren't much restaurant people in Rome, but we did splurge on a few futile attempts at a really good restaurant meal. I loved our table here on a street where we so frequently walked, looking off, at least on one side, at the Pantheon. The service was super nice and unobtrusively attentive. The seafood dishes were skimpy and rather nose-bleedingly expensive, but nice quality and well-made. There may be just a touch of sour grapes in my three stars here that would have been mitigated by being ready and willing to spend 100 more euros than we did. It's more of an all in and forget about the price kind of place. We finished with a cheese plate that was the last in a long line of Roman Cheese plates and, at this swanky restaurant, ultimately confirmed our accidental investigation: The Romans, for all their many virtues, don't know the first thing about cheese and don't much care unless one is cooking something with it.

I can't recommend La Rosetta unless you're oozing money, like the look of the place, and really want some reliably very good seafood. But if all of those are in play, I can.

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