Sunday, June 18, 2017

200 Views of Rome: Origini Gelateria


4 Stars

Oh, I love this little corner. Across from the Ditta Poggi art store. The Prosciutteria is up that little alley. It is in sight of the side wall of Sopra Minerva and its Michelangelo. Partly I know Origini so well from hanging out on this corner a lot, loitering. I would loiter for awhile, then I'd wander into Origini, just to, you know, look. And they'd give me tastes of things, which was fair enough. And then I'd buy a small cup of something, which also was fair enough. Then I'd wander off and eat five or six bites and throw it away. Not because it was bad. It really was excellent gelato. I recommend it. It was just, I was only in Rome for 30 days and I had A LOT of gelato to taste. A lot. So it was more in the spirit of spitting wine out at a tasting. A horrible sin, but necessary.

I give out five stars frequently here, and why not with all those Roman Churches and Palazzi? But five stars for every good gelateria might not be so helpful to others seeking discernment when it comes to gelato. So I'll only give five stars to the four or five special gelaterias I found, the touchers of heaven, the gelaterias that snuck through excellence and daringly reached out their cold spoons and touched magic. Origini didn't quite manage this for me.  But they did succeed in making a very, very nice gelato, smooth, consistent, and well balanced. Much interested in unusual gelati this was one of the only places I ended up finding one. I had Parmesan gelato here. It was made with Parmesan cheese. It tasted like Parmesan cheese. It wasn't good, exactly, but I enjoyed the opportunity.

A flavor to recommend? Ah, you will try what appeals to you in the moment anyway, and may you have that little bit more luck than I, and see all the stars...

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