Saturday, June 24, 2017

200 Views of Rome: Santa Maria Maddelena


4 Stars

A lovely little Rococo Church on a square I'm fond of just up from the Pantheon. It has a charming, distinctive exterior with just a touch more fuss that usual, a nice legend if you dig for it, and a pretty interior most definitely worth a peep. There is no special trip necessary to it, but if you like the Rococo, Maddelena is unique to Rome and worth a small diversion. I have a slight fear that I'm underrating it out of familiarity, since, in its way, it was really our neighborhood church for the month we were in Rome. Well, one of three. If only it had a Caravaggio. All our other local churches managed to.

Yes, the standards can get a bit high in Rome.

After you judge this wonder for yourself grab some excellent gelato at the San Crispino del Pantheon which is right there. It won't be busy. Go figure.

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