Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Stereotyping myself

There is some public display at my library right now about stereotyping. One of my managers is so enthusiastic about this display that he spends a fair amount of time lately working on it, augmenting it, displaying it, and trying to make it better. I'm not here to comment on all that.

I'm only here to tell you about how when he was putting together a bunch of signs in the backroom with "Stereotype" and "Stereotyping" in big letters on them it was my big moment to venture back there dramatically and say "That's bad! You should use one typewriter with two hands and never two typewriters with one hand each!"

Once that was fully understood the conversation turned to how stereotyping is genuinely a problem, and not as well understood as it should be. I was happy to take up that banner.

"Kids in middle school nowadays," I started to complain "Don't even understand what the term stereotyping means!" 

Then I cleared out of the backroom before anyone could try and trick me into having a remotely serious discussion.

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