Sunday, September 3, 2017

What your greeting says about you

Many people don't understand that their casual greeting to strangers and acquaintances is a doorway into their personality. Your standard salutation phrase, whether it be "Howdy" or "S'up" or "Hiiiiii!" illuminates and reveals who you are every bit as much as the clothes you wear, or your profession. My standard greeting of "Hey" is a window into my being that has taught me volumes about who I am.

Who are you? Simply find your standard greeting(s) from the list below and read what it says about you!


You are a warm effusive person who sometimes comes on a bit strong. Your favorite cheese is sharp cheddar, and you enjoy bicycling and Science Fiction. Your name is Roy, Bill, or Lucy. You have a tattoo of a former pet somewhere on your back.

Bon jour.

You're French!


Yes, you are wise, but you are so tired, so unbelievably tired. Maybe you can fake it just one more day and tonight, tonight you will finally get the sleep that has ever eluded you. Eyes bright now. Carry on. You are stronger than you know. Your favorite cheese is, oh, I see you've nodded off. Rest now.

How are you?

Surprisingly you aren't curious at all. You would be delighted to never learn anything ever again. But you really like people. And dogs. And knitting. And melting things over candles.


You run a major metropolitan newspaper.


You like a wide variety of quality cheeses and can count to 20 in French. Everyday you write a blog post. Sometimes they're a little... strange.


  1. I think I say "Hi," which is not on your list but is a cousin to "Hey." I definitely do not fit the "Yo" profile. I'm not French and I rarely fall asleep in public, especially if talking to someone.

    Skipping down to cousin Hey, I like a modest variety of cheeses but don't really place a very high value on quality, so long as they taste good. I'll start with sharp cheddar or a nice old Swiss. I can almost count to 20 in French. I just tried and the teens are a little fuzzy, but with some time and practice, ... maybe. I don't write a blog post every day, like one dedicated scrivener, but I do write one whenever I visit a new or new-ish library.

    So, cousin Hey,

    Greetings from cousin Hi.


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