Thursday, October 5, 2017

Disneyland in Paris

Soon enough my wife and I will be in Paris for a brief week. And nothing I say about that trip quite makes people roll their eyes like when I tell them we'll be dashing off to Disneyland for a day. "But, you discuss Proust. How can you be going to Disney Paris?"

I don't discuss Proust hardly ever! One time I say something about Proust and people think I can't have a cheeseburger or go to Paris Disneyland! So unfair!

I hear Paris Disney is very prettily made because they were afraid the Europeans would be used to such a high standard as to the look of the park that they'd settle for nothing less. It is called the most lovely of Disney parks. But I have also read that people wander around Disneyland Paris smoking and littering all the time, and that Disney doesn't staff the park enough to keep up so it's a bit messy. The bathrooms are all supposed to be an inch deep in water as well. They say lots of bulbs are out in the Small World attraction. I wonder if you can put in a Euro to turn the lights on for a bit, like in the Roman Churches.

Frankly it all sounds interesting. You know, European. Like, here's the prettiest, most charming little street you've ever seen in your life, but these shutters are covered in ugly graffiti no one has managed to clean off in ten years. "You don't like our ugly graffiti covered garage? Ah well, look just a tiny bit left there. Gorgeous, no?"

Yes, it's gorgeous.

It's awful when a bunch of tourists go to these lovely European cities and think it's just an amusement park. These are real places with real people living their real lives!

I will try to keep that in mind when we go to Disneyland Paris.


  1. Please remark on the low quality of European graffiti. I hope you will also note the tired drivel that street artists peddle.
    Just sayin'

    1. Hmm, well, it's complicated. The Paris train yard (and other places) graffiti was not that bad, albeit not quite at an American standard, and the scrawls were more rare than, say, Rome, in the city proper. I saw very little of street art peddlers. The gallery art was all like really really good craft show work, so not quite art, but clever.

  2. No doubt, Disneyland is the one of the best place of world to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, specially at the time of Christmas and new year. You can buy the best offer on the package of Paris Disneyland from gold crest.

    1. What on earth was that? An advertisement on your blog? It's like you went to Euro-Disney and caught cooties. Eeew

    2. What on earth was that? An advertisement on your blog? It's like you went to Euro-Disney and caught cooties. Eeew

    3. Yes, I caught a cold in Europe and a slight case of Gold Crest Holidays.


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