Friday, December 15, 2017

Questions and Answers live in real time!

We here at clerkmanifesto know that sometimes you have questions. And while our comments section is always active we know that there is nothing quite like being able to ask questions right when they come up, live on blog. That is why every once in awhile we open things up here for questions and answers. And so we have done today!

Go ahead and ask us anything you want. We'll do our best to answer.


Question: How do I ask a question here?

Answer: There you go!

Question: Wow, neat.


Question: I love when you used to do blog posts in a question and answer format. How come you no longer do that, and do you think that might ever make a comeback? I'll take my answer off the computer.

Answer: I am glad you like our question and answer format. We were just thinking about, and this might be good news for you, how we might like to do one in the question and answer format today! And lo and behold this blogpost is in that format!

Hello? Hello?


Question: So I tried the Baked Alaska recipe and the cake was too soggy for me. Is it supposed to be like that or did I do something wrong? Do I need to use a convection oven?

Answer: Ah. You must be looking for the food blog that is just next door. Exit, go through the chestnut trees past the koi pond, turn right at the topiary giraffe and you'll see it.

Question: Oh, thanks.

Answer: You might want to stop and sign up to receive my blog on email though before you go.

Question: Er, sure, I guess I can. How do I do that?

Answer: I'm sorry, I can't tell you. I have a policy of not marketing my blog. But thank you for your interest.



Answer: I wouldn't advise it, not least because this blog, though not widely read, is publicly available to anyone.

Question: Oh, okay, good to know. In that case, follow up question: Is there any way to delete my original question?

Answer: Sure, simple. Right click on it and choose "erase", then "confirm".


Question: Hey, do you still go have cocktails on Thursdays with Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan, even though one day when the two of you were out he went to the bathroom and did not come back?

Answer: Only if he apologizes.

Question: I'm sorry?

Answer: Only if he apologizes not in the form of a question and in person.

Question: Oh.


Question: This is really fun. I am having a great time and could read these questions and answers forever! Is it over yet?

Answer: Yes, it's over.

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