Sunday, January 21, 2018

Flu shot

I got a flu shot a few days ago. So naturally I am feeling smug. I am immune entirely this year to the flu. People coughing and sneezing and touching things all around me are no problem. I am impervious to illness. I am free to be completely reckless with my health.

As you may have noticed I am quite the believer in the flu shot. I don't like the part where they stick spears of metal into my flesh. And I'm not wild about my arm hurting for two days. But that's all done now. The hard part is over and now it is the reaping benefits time.

Just how deliciously inoculated am I? I don't know, but it's probably a lot. I'll check the Internet.

Ha. According to the Internet this year's flu shot is 34% effective.

So, I'm not exactly brilliant with math, but I'm pretty sure that means...


I mean, statistically speaking.

And for the record I'm pretty sure this sore throat is nothing.


  1. SO FUNNY!!!! Cracked me up! Having gotten shingles (after a preventative vaccine for shingles) and flu (yup, after a preventative flu vaccine), all I can say is I'm glad the "preventative vaccine" Jonas Salk gave the world (for free, BTW) actually WORKED!!!!! :) Get well soon. ;)

    1. I hope you haven't jinxed it and now we'll all get polio! I hope I'm not feeling a touch of polio coming on just now.

      Of course I was just kidding, but then went to look up polio symptoms and I have all of them! It turns out they're rather similar to cold symptoms- so I'm thinking here I have a cold and not the flu, but then it turns out it could be polio all along!

      Thanks for the get well. I hope you are well yourself.


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