Sunday, March 25, 2018


Usually when I talk about complaining at the library that I work at I'm complaining about the complaining. If it's not one of my co-workers tearing on for twenty exhausting minutes about some terrible, but completely normal injustice of our work world, then it's me tearing on for twenty minutes about some other grave injustice, usually following their twenty minutes, and that can be even more exhausting. Oh these managers and patrons and policies and departments! If only they would... whatever. I have the perfect solution for them, but they're not likely to, well, be other than they are. So let's go over how they are one more time because let me tell you, it is infuriating. Don't get me started.

I'm pretty sure I said yesterday to one of my co-workers "Don't get me started." And they said, real careful like:

"Okay. I won't."

And I thought "Uh oh."

But by the time I get to this space, clerkmanifesto, I don't rant hardly at all. And when the Internet thinks I'm ranting it just goes to show:

The Internet is not very bright. 

Oh man the Internet is not bright at all!

My standard approach here is to somehow, against enormous odds, enjoy everything. I don't complain, I illuminate, satirize, and, at the last minute either accept or refuse to accept, just to prove to the gods that there is free will and they screwed themselves, which is why they're so cranky and vengeful all the time.

So on the occasions I talk about complaining at work I am usually against it. I speak of its dangers. I seek another way. At the last minute I like to pull out a ray of sunshine when no one expects it. I know all too well how complaining can drive one down, embitter us, and stain our very souls.

But all that being said I think it is only fair to point out that, when one shows up to work some Friday morning, and everything is kind of messed up, and one of your co-workers has all kinds of crazy, typical, and illuminating stories to tell you, well, it can be pretty fun to complain with a full head of steam, and for us all to be better than these people who have wronged us.

Just so long we are.

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