Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Teen program for me

We have a lot of teen programming at my library. And it's fine. It tends towards technology oriented things, like Maker Space, with 3D printers and other cut-rate sophisticated geegaws. And that dovetails well with what I would call its "mainstream nerd" focus, featuring things like board gaming sessions and Cosplay Proms. But I do kind of keep an eye on the programming and outreach, looking for what might be oriented towards the kind of kid I was. These programs that they do have are a little too outgoing and promising to serve the constituency that would have been, well, mine, once upon a time.

And that is why I was thrilled at my library's new teen program. I think it's the sort of thing I might have liked. Finally. And there's not a lot to it. They bring in half a dozen old plush velvet arm chairs and group them loosely, and not all that sociably, about a greater portion of the teen room. They throw large bags of varieties of chips on tables scattered in the area. Then they hand out three bongs and an eighth ounce of pot to pass around. Then they leave you alone for six hours.

It's called Slacker Space.


  1. Please forgive me if i make another gross generalization again. ...
    Wouldn't a room full of stoned Minnesotan adolescents prefer to knosh on cheese & butter & dairy products?

    1. Well, yes, I hope so. Perhaps the program needs a nosh more ambition then?


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