Friday, May 11, 2018

Our efficiency department

Dear Staff:

As a public library we answer to the community. The taxpayers fund us with their hard-earned income. That is why it behooves us to operate with as much efficiency as possible. And it is for this reason that we have formed the new Libraries Efficiency Committee, or LiEfCo. This committee is the result of a lot of hard work from the Board, the Executive Committee, and our new County Initiative on Department Improvement. We engaged the outside consulting firm Lean Business Inc. to help set up our new committee designed to make our library smarter and more efficient than it's ever been. As a recognition of the importance of our new initiative we will be hanging new banners in the staff areas that read:

Work Smarter and See What Happens!


And we urge you to do just that! We on LiEfCo look forward to a lot of exciting improvements in the year to come, but we don't think we know everything. We want to hear your ideas too! So we're asking that each one of you log in to the County portal where you will find a link to our new LiEfCo Center. This will be the hub from which you will access our exciting efficiency initiatives. Create a user name under the LiEfCo tab "new user". This user name should include your full work email and a random 16 digit number that you'll want to note down and keep in a safe place. If you do this correctly it will bring up the Staff History page. Fill out your work history and the questionnaire. Then link to your County Training account and list this as part of your training. This will auto-generate a code. Enter this code exactly (without spaces) into the LiEfCo hub as it asks for it. You will need to enter it three times and then select all the pictures that have trees in them. Remember that bushes are not trees and that some plants are just tall and not actually trees. If you choose incorrectly don't worry. Simply log out of everything and shut down your computer. When you restart the computer it will request an authentication code that you can get by logging into the County Authentication Code site (if you have an account), or simply by calling Downtown Automation Services at the phone number listed on the County Contacts tab of the County Intra-net. When you pass the Tree Verification step you will be asked to create a password. It can be anything you want but must include seven letters, four numbers, an asterisk, a piece of toast, and a snippet of html code from your official staff page.

This will not log you into your account but it will look like you are logged into your account. To log into your new account you will need to log out, exit from all County sites, and then restart your computer. When your computer restarts it will require a County Authentication Code (see above). Follow the links from the County Portal to your Staff Training Page. From the dropdown "Links" choose LiEfCo and simply log in there. This will authenticate your required LiEfCo Training on your Staff Training Page. If there are any problems please talk to your Manager.

Once you are logged into LiEfCo you will be presented with an array of options. None of these are live yet except for the "Efficiency Recommendations Forms" tab. Click on the option "Remote Surveys". This will take you to an external website hosted by Lean Business Inc. Create an account there and under "Work host" choose "National" then "Public" then "Partnerships" then "County" then "Libraries" then "Forms" then "Fill out" the "Yes" then "I am sure" then "No, I have not changed my mind" then "Confirm" then log in again when it asks.  After a few simple, self explanatory steps you will find the Efficiency Recommendations Form. Fill it out and submit it. After you submit it there will be a "Print it out" option. Print it out. Sign it. Scan it into to a computer. Log in to your completed training and attach it to the completed training titled "Joining LiEfCo". Once it is attached choose "Print all". Sign the document at the bottom. Make a copy and then shred the original. Dip the copy in lacquer. Drip dry it on a clothesline until stiff. Frame and submit to Human Resources: Attention LiEfCo. We will carefully consider your suggestions and in six to eight weeks you will receive a certificate of participation and a Twix candy bar. Thank you!

On behalf of the whole 43 member new committee on library efficiency (LiEfCo!):

We appreciate all you do to make us lean, smart, and efficient!

Thank you! We're just so excited about this project!

Feldenstein Calypso,

Assistant SubSecretary to the LiEfCo Secretary for efficiency within LiEfCo, at LiEfCo


  1. So, this must be the oucome of the recent "Service Improvement Day" during which you all improve service by not providing any. [Well, OK, no in-person service. Did you know that many library systems, when they close for a day, make a point of reminding patrons that all on-line services remain avaiable?]


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