Tuesday, July 3, 2018

One goal for everyone!

And so on a Sunday in the middle of The World Cup we celebrated One Goal For Everyone Day.

It's not my favorite holiday, but it is very egalitarian. It's nice for everyone to get a goal right away. I'm pretty sure they were all handed out in the first few minutes so no one had to worry. Plus they were free. No one had to do anything clever for them, which is no good if you don't have any really good players on your team. No, these goals were all just sort of... handed out. Then everyone could sit back for the next two hours, enjoy the game, and think about how fun the penalty kick shoot out was going to be.

There was one point where Croatia thought they saw one unclaimed free goal right at the end and ran as fast as they could towards it, but it was a tactical error. You weren't allowed free goals on merit, so a Danish man was sent to remove the Croatian man's ankles. All in the spirit of fair play and fun.

It wasn't my favorite World Cup day, but at least it was a holiday.

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