Sunday, October 21, 2018

A confusion of weathers

This is Minnesota.

We are in the heart of fall, and it is astounding. The color has caramelized and is just starting to overcook. The winds picked up and gold swirls around our feet like the ghosts of cats. Yesterday I got home from work and my wife and I went for a walk. It was too warm for a jacket, our usually brown river had run clear and sparkling blue, and everything in the world had something to say about Halloween.

This morning looked a bit colder, though surely as pretty, but I was off to work again and would have little to do with it. I was in a car, on a highway. Everything seemed normal enough when, from out of nowhere, a great swirl of white dust descended upon me. I thought maybe a truck coming the other way was carrying a load, perhaps of minerals and feathers? I was unable to process what I was seeing. I waited for the dust cloud to pass, but it didn't. It spread wide. It seemed familiar somehow. It filled the air. It came from the sky.

Even as I suspected it to be snow I couldn't quite believe it.

"It must be something else." I thought.

But it wasn't. It snowed on me the rest of the drive. It snowed heavily as I walked through the library parking lot. I could even see it collect a little on the Autumn leaves. It was October 20. It was snow.

Winter says hi, and that it will be here shortly.

Collect acorns.

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