Wednesday, October 24, 2018

And how are you?

I am coughing as I write this, but it's not about being sick. I'm sick, but I really wanted to discuss my fascination with greetings.

Last night I was feverish, coughing, shivering madly, and sweltering. Sometimes my throat was so swollen and there was so much phlegm everywhere that it was hard for me to get enough oxygen. My head was in agony. I might have slept a couple of fitful, miserable hours.

Slightly improved in the morning I stayed home all day in my pajamas and moaned and coughed. My brain feels loose and bruised in my skull.

My wife came home in the late afternoon and said let's go walk and get a coffee. I could not tell if this was a good idea except for how all her ideas turn out to be good ideas. So I got dressed, which was exhausting, and I stumbled up the hill to the coffee shop. 

A barista came out that we mildly know. "How are you?" He asked.

"Good." I said.

Well, maybe I know something that I don't.

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