Friday, October 19, 2018

Everyday time travel

I woke up this morning feeling very cozy, or mostly cozy until I thought "I have to get up!" And then not cozy at all when I thought about how I won't be going to sleep again for two nights, and I'll be in Denmark when I do it. Hurtling through the air I will pierce Friday night over a vast ocean, and I will reduce the very night to a few paltry hours. I will leap forward in time, and, exhausted, stumble through to the future in a strange land where vowels happen in the back of one's throat.

And I will count myself lucky to do it.

After all, what's a little weariness in the face of miracles and wonders? Should we forget miracles? Can we help it?

GOD: It is I, God.

Moses: Oh, hi. Normally I'd be super excited, but I slept terribly last night. I'm just not cut out for all this desert traveling. The sand! The flies!

GOD: Right. So, I have Ten Commandments for you and your special people.

Moses: Ten? Er, great. Do you mind if I lay down for a minute. So tired.

GOD: You can sleep a bit later. Here, take these.

Moses: These?

GOD: No, these.

Moses: Oops. Sorry.

GOD: Here, take this.

Moses: Got it, got it. So, what were these again?

GOD: Commandments. There are ten. They are very important!

Moses: Right, right, got it. Got it. Got it...

GOD: Moses!

Moses: I'm awake! I'm awake! I just don't sleep well in deserts. Can you turn down that bush? It's so bright.

GOD: (Muttering) I don't think this is going to go the way I planned.

Well, neither will my trip. But I'll be flying, in the sky, and racing through time. Just like you. So I'll try to keep my eyes open, and we'll meet in the promised land, or at the next blog post. Whichever comes first.

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