Thursday, October 18, 2018


I am at my most confused about writing this blog the day before I go on a trip to Europe and have to write a whole passel of blog posts ahead of time, and have now sat here and written four blog posts, one after the other, and am out of ideas.

For five and a half years I have put out a little essay every single day without fail. I'm not paid. I can't be fired. The Internet, if it can be said to be an entity, and it can, doesn't even particularly like me, or it wouldn't, if it could see me way down here. My portfolio is full so that when the gods finally call me into their committee room I can lay a complete set of documentation before them, all so that they can say "And what, exactly, do you expect us to do about this?" At which point I can confidently say that I covered that in numbers 12, 342, 417, 901, 1,011, 1,248, 1,249, 1,534, and 1,939. Despite artist rhetoric to the contrary I have finished learning how to write and need no more practice. I've broken all my persistence records. I've played the fool and I saw the face of God and lived. I've won so many Nobel Prizes I can no longer keep count. I've tasted many cheeses and cracked the gelato code.

 And now I need another of these blog posts for... who?

Aw, you know who. You knew it all along.

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