Friday, January 18, 2019

How I request replacement printer paper rolls

I had to order some replacement printer paper rolls from our Automation Services Department. Unfortunately doing this took not just much of the work time I had set aside for it, but it also spilled into, and completely overwhelmed my dinner hour.

I was going to write a blog post during that dinner hour!

Seeking to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear I have decided to share my requisition request with you here. My job is more complicated than you would think...

Description of problem:

Through a careful analysis by our supply coordinator it was determined that we were getting low on both the white and the yellow printer paper rolls. This suggested a trend (see chart below) in which we, at some point, would have no paper rolls. Without these rolls we would be structurally unable to provide our library patrons with a printed notice of the dates upon which their material would be due. Seeing a prospective breakdown in Library Operations a committee was swiftly formed.

I won't bore you with the complete details of what the committee of 11 members discussed over the course of six hours spread across three sessions, but a variety of solutions were put forward and carefully examined. These included but were not limited to:

1. Switching from printed slips of any kind to a fully Internet ready, email notification system.

2. The elimination of due dates and/or of any requirements for system returns of library materials.

3. Replacement and restocking of said printer paper rolls in an attempt to forestall running out.

In discussion among the committee no consensus was reached and so a vote was taken. Five members voted for option three, three for option two, and two for option one, with one committee member in the bathroom during the vote. And so the choice for option three was carried: We would replace and restock paper printer rolls.

As the vice secretary designate for the committee it is my role to put forth the official request that you deliver to us:

1 box of white paper printer rolls
1 box of yellow paper printer rolls

Thank you for your attention to this matter. 



  1. It seems to me that supplies were much simpler where I worked, but perhaps I just wasn't paying attention. Or it could be that the past is clouded after three (!) years of retirement.

    1. Oh, it's definitely the third. Everything looks simpler from a distance. Of course, there has been an accretion of complexity over the last seven or eight years as well.


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