Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A little tired of it all today

So now I am upstairs in the non-fiction section of my library, shelving books.
And I know what you're thinking. You're thinking


But my heart is not in it. My nerves are rattled. And while on any other day, I, like any normal person, would quiver with the thrill of putting How to Repair Your Motorcycle (629.287 E93H) in its perfect, destined, assigned place on our shelves, today I just want to watch it snow, and to think my dark thoughts.

"What dark thoughts?" You naturally wonder.

Dark thoughts like "Why is How to Restore Your Farm Tractor (629.2875 P95H 2004) shelved smack dab in the middle of the motorcycle repair books? Are my co-workers retarded??!!!!"

Which is a pretty dark thing to think. And I suspect it's not terribly healthy for me to think it either. And though it's a legitimate question, one is not supposed to say "retarded", especially when one simply means "fucking stupid".

And one isn't supposed to say "fucking stupid" in a family blog like this one.

Oh, you didn't know this was a family blog? Yes, yes it is. Gather your children 'round.

Yes, yes, trust me. Bring over your kids. Don't worry, we're all done swearing for the day.

Do you have them?



Hi kid. You naturally dream of working in a library. It is a beautiful dream. And it is every bit as wonderful as you imagine. 

But only for the first 24 years.


  1. Is it your co-workers or the catalogers who caused a farm tractor book to be shelved with motorcycles? I was always bugging the librarians with ridiculous shelf-mates like this. The one I remember best is "Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation, 306.7 J93D," which is mostly about sex among insects and other non-humans, but which was shelved with books on human sexuality.

  2. No, it was totally shelving error, but it's true there are multitudes of ways to go wrong around here.

  3. I hope your funk passes quickly. <3

    1. Thanks so much. I'm feeling better now, but then I'm home!

      Still snowing.


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