Friday, February 15, 2019

Crazy rich

There are crazy people who come to my library and then there are crazy people who come to my library.

I'm just saying that there are odd people who come to the front desk of the library and say strange things that no one understands, and then there are people who come to the front desk of the library, make no eye contact, mumble bizarrely, whether trying to communicate or not, and check out only items related to serial killers.

One of this second kind came in for her weekly visit today. She had found some nice Charles Manson materials and was steadfastly not looking at me or saying anything at all while she rooted around for her library card. She did not look well, morbidly obese and in filthy clothes covered in what I took to be food bits but, considering her interests, could have been anything at all. Waiting patiently for the card I did not need because I knew her name, I noticed her indeterminable color fleece jacket featured a fancy logo from The U.S. Polo Association.

"Ah!" I exclaimed gesturing "A Polo fan are you?"

She did not answer.

Ah well, at least she comes from money.

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