Sunday, February 3, 2019

I am not the only place on the Internet

One day the Internet will probably just be one company. I am very savvy, so it might even be owned by me, if I could only think of a name for it. Has anyone used "Alta Vista" yet?

I'll work on it some more.

Though the Internet is still pretty young, it is, to all of our regrets, all grown up now. We have a rough idea of how it works. We know what it's up to. We are no longer going to be flabbergasted that on the one hand the breadth of content it encompasses is so vast it has become a Universe unto itself, and on the other hand 15 minutes of exploration will easily exhaust one's ability to find anything of interest on it. 

But don't worry, it refreshes. There will be 15 minutes of new interesting content tomorrow!

My point being: I am out of interesting content for the day. But tomorrow is going to be amazing.

"But" You cry, "This is only five minutes worth of compelling content!"

Believe me, I understand your concerns. But being as I do not yet own all the Internet, I like to try to let it pull it's own weight the other two-thirds of the time.

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