Monday, May 6, 2019


You could make a reasonable case that I am being paranoid. Maybe I am, maybe I am not, but it all is, at least, based on evidence. And, since one of the main themes of this blog is that I'm not crazy, everyone else is, we will herewith proceed from the "not paranoid, merely cleverly perceptive" thesis.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working with some co-workers who, sadly, have been struggling with their health. By coincidence I have been often assigned to work with some of these people at the end of the day at the front desk of my library. When they leave early with their infirmities aggravated by the workday demands, one of my managers has to go and assign someone to take the place of my now ill work partner. This is done on an hourly basis, and for any given hour there may be as few as two possible replacements or as many as five. But each time my manager is definitely making a choice.

Every time, in seven or eight hours of this, my manager has unfailingly chosen the person I would least like to work with. Yes, whether it is the worst of two, or it is the worst of five, seven times out of seven it is, tellingly, the worst possible choice.

I'm just saying they're out to get me.

But oh, manager, the joke is on you! I can get along happily and harmoniously with everyone

Even you.

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