Tuesday, May 28, 2019

My super humble take on William Kent Krueger

Yes, I know you have been waiting for a long time, but the verdict on William Kent Krueger is finally here. Nevertheless, before we start let me just say I work with books, and I understand how hard they are to write. They are very, very hard to write. But they are a lot easier to write than they are to shelve. Plus you can hit it big with writing a book whereas no one has ever hit it big shelving.

No one. Ever. I promise.

Nothing quite illustrates this like William Kent Krueger. He writes books about the far north of my State and has made quite a success of it. That success has led to considerable wealth and acclaim for William Kent Krueger, and it has also led to me having to shelve a lot of those books, which didn't lead to... any wealth and acclaim for me whatsoever. But I'm not complaining. Shelving a William Kent Krueger book is super easy because we have 12 copies of each of his many, many mystery novels. This means that when I go to shelve, say Tamarack County, instead of locating its spot between Sulfur Springs and, wait, how did this copy of Desolation Mountain get here? Hold on a second while I fix it. Okay. So, this means when I go to shelve Tamarack County, instead of locating its spot between Sulfur Springs and Thunder Bay, I just have to glance at the huge nine book chunk of other Tamarack County copies and pop my copy anywhere among those. Easy!

And so that, kind readers, is my verdict on William Kent Krueger!

What's that?

Oh, sure, yeah, I read one of his books. You want to know what I thought?

Wow, really? Okay. 

It was readable, but, um, kind of dumb? Maybe they get... better?

But you should probably take my opinion with a grain of salt here. Publishers Weekly showers him with starred reviews and he's sold like a billion copies of his books. I just shelve them.

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