Tuesday, May 14, 2019


I rolled out of bed, got dressed, and sat down to breakfast with my wife. I have toast for breakfast. The toast was swimming in butter. My wife and I were talking. It was great. I thought "This. This is what I would like to do all day! Sit here with my wife talking and having toast."  

But my wife had to leave. 

She left. 

I was sad.

I opened up my laptop. I had recently started a new game on it. I know this won't mean much to you, but I am on a computer game roll. Though I anticipate, shop for, and buy video games all the time, finding ones I actually like playing are few and far between. But then I found a lovely game called Eastshade where you play as a painter, and I unusually played it all the way through. After I finished it I bought a long shot of a game called Rakuen and it is, to my surprise and delight, totally charming so far. 

So I was playing Rakuen. I didn't have much time to play, but the game is about a boy who is in a hospital that is undergoing a mysterious crisis, and there is a maybe magical book that his mother...

And then I had to leave for work. So I put on my shoes while I was thinking "I sure would like to loll about all day playing computer games! That would be a great day."

But it was not in the cards either.

I went out into the bright Spring day. I walked across the river. People were on the bridge taking pictures of everything because it's all so pretty. On the far side of the river I got myself a city bike. I pedaled it slowly up the river towards work. I took my time. I looked all around me and breathed in the smell of new flowers. I thought "I would like to spend the whole day just riding my bike all over the city."

It was a good idea. But not feasible. I had to go to work.

I went to work. I sat down. My head was full of all the blog posts I was thinking of all morning. I started writing as quickly as I could. "Wow." I thought "Wouldn't it be great if I could just sit here all day writing?"

It would be great.

But I had to work. I have a job. At a library.

So I started working. And I thought "This is kind of nice, working at the library, helping process things, helping people, taking care of supplies. I wish I could just do this all day long!"

Unfortunately I was just kidding about that last one

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go shelve 300 books and see if I can find someone's flash drive.



  1. "Toast swimming in butter" almost had me headed for the kitchen. But I've already had lunch...maybe for supper?

    I think this is one of my favorite posts; it just captures what life so often is. And I laughed at the end. Thank you.

    1. How nice of you to say!

      There are quite a few things I'm not eating these days, like sugar for instance, but I have that toast swimming in butter every morning, and it makes up for all kinds of deprivations!


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