Thursday, June 13, 2019

Murphy's law of pliers

I'm at work at the library, and there's this, well, rubber band, sort of, that's off track on our automated check in machine. I need a pliers to grab and fix it. So I go to the tool drawer to get the pliers. But for some reason the pliers have all turned into crescent wrenches. Our tool drawer now has dozens of crescent wrenches, of all kinds and sizes, sleeping peacefully within it.

So I go to the manager's office where he hordes useful things. I find a tool chest. Inside is a full set of wrenches and then a couple crescent wrenches for just in case. I try the kid's room. They don't even have a wrench. They've got nothing but caterpillars in there. These won't work for the purpose I have in mind.

I'm so frustrated that I grab a pair of scissors. Then I walk around with the scissors until it occurs to me that trying to fix this rubber band thing on moving machinery with a pair of scissors will end badly, probably with a lot of blood coming out of my hands. I put the scissors down where they were lost among the wrenches. They might have even turned into one.

Man, I wish I had a bolt to tighten or loosen around here.

Although, come to think of it, I think the last time I did I couldn't find a wrench anywhere.

I just used pliers.

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