Friday, July 19, 2019

Update according to charter

According to my blog charter I am required to submit, on blog, an annual status report of my blog.

"But what about the funny story about kitties you were going to tell us instead!" You cry.

I know. I feel terrible. But if I don't submit my annual status report my blog is downgraded from a "blog" to a "Paste like material for patching cracks in the Internet".

Although what the difference between the two is is beyond me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, you might want to just skip your regular blog reading for today as the following is simply a filled out standardized Form 780e.

Form 780e

Report on blog status according to charter.

Name of blog:

The Clerk Manifesto

Age of blog:

6.3 years

Last form 780e filled out:

Well, see, I haven't done one yet, but I have an explan

Readers/Subscriber/Followers in millions:

Um, eleven one millionths?

Blog debits:

I guess I owe a lot to Daniel Pinkwater and the Marx B

Blog assets:

I don't know, I'm kind of funny sometimes?

Annual profit:

I learned a little bit about myself?

Total profit:

We're all better people for this..... er, paste like materie

Main subject matter:

Me! Me me me. But seriously, also things that happen t

Total annual blog posts:


Number of posts exceeding 500,000 pageviews:

Zero. I think maybe I have the wrong form?

Number of posts exceeding 5,000,000 pageviews:

Is there like a Form 780b? I should probably have a For

In three words or less please sum up your blog's content:

Wait, is there

Would you like to apply to upgrade from "Blog" to "Webpage"?

I don't really see what's the point.

Thank you for filling out Form 780e.

Submit Form 780e.

Please correct improperly formatted and incorrect answers in red text and resubmit.


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