Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Florence generic museum review

By the time you read this my wife and I will be in Florence.  I am reading a lot of reviews in preparation for this trip. I find these compelling, occasionally useful, contradictory, truly pointless, and addictive. Along with the travel vlogs I watch I feel I have a sense for the collective tone and quality of these reviews as a kind of ur-review, the ultimate review that sums up each category of establishment. Today we will continue with the generic museum review.

Generic Florence Museum Review

5 Stars

Well, if you're going to Florence you really can't miss this. It is an amazing place and even though I am not much of an art person it took my breath away. These paintings and sculptures are just so beautiful! It is super crowded but worth it! We got reservations online, which is easy to do, and for only 60 euros we got to go through a special line instead of waiting in the huge line outside. I don't think I could have taken that. My feet were so tired from all the walking!

But as much as I adored the gorgeous art there was just so much of it. I am definitely going to have to go back. We missed the amazing Michelangelo that's here just because there is so much to see, and it's all amazing.

Also, be sure to check out the fancy cafe (expensive cappuccino anyone?) which is worth it for the fantastic views. We shared an espresso that cost a small fortune, but we have no regrets.

I do regret that we only allotted half an hour for this incredible monument to the best humanity has to offer. If we could have blown off our lunch reservation we would have, but we were meeting friends, so the rest will have to wait for another trip. I already long to gaze upon these powerful paintings once again. This museum is a don't miss indeed, and it's a reason on it's own to go to Florence, which already has so many other reasons.

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