Monday, March 9, 2020

Five coronavirus questions

Yesterday I mainly answered questions about the coronavirus. 

Maybe it was helpful.

Today I have mainly questions about coronavirus.

I doubt this will be helpful at all...

1. I am washing my hands so much that the skin is starting to rash and blister on the back of my right hand. I have begun to wonder: If my skin is so raw and cracked with over washing can infected droplets of coranavirus enter directly into my bloodstream through my bleeding skin?

2. The Purell that I use when I am at the front desk of the library and cannot get to a sink burns my torn apart hands so much that I am screaming in agony when I rub it in, but it also smells pleasantly of the key lime flavored Knutson yogurt I used to enjoy as a kid, and it supposedly protects me from a deadly disease. So that's two to one in favor. Is this a reasonable trade off? 

3. I consider this time period the "still in denial" period. The library is very crowded. Co-workers mysteriously come to work coughing despite having sick time to burn, and hardly anyone I see is wearing a mask. The biggest, most overwhelming mask I saw all day while I was working the front desk at the library was worn by a man who was also wearing a t-shirt that curiously said:


Did he have no other shirt?

4. If you touch the faucet handle with germy hands, wash the appropriate "happy birthday to you twice" length of time, and then turn off the germy faucet handle with your clean hands, won't you just re-infect your hands?

5. Despite the casual use of "OCD" in cultural parlance, it is a serious mental disorder that profoundly diminishes the quality of life for many people. Nevertheless won't this disease, Coronavirus COVID-19, encourage the survival of people who, for instance, fanatically, obsessively wash their hands?

In the long run, won't everyone alive, through the process of evolution, be OCD?

I cannot ask this last question enough! 


  1. Reading "Get Well Soon" available at your public library. Not too technical, but pretty informative about several plagues or pandemics. Seems timely.

    1. It does indeed sound timely and rather interesting. I'm sort of interested in reading it, but slightly afraid I am already becoming dangerously obsessed.

  2. I am letting you do the heavy thinking for me. I'm focused on whether this will impact a) the moving company, b) the airline, and c) the friends who will be driving my car (while I fly). It's all me, me, me this month.

    1. I hate to say it, but the answer to everything right now is... probably?


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