Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Library commitment

I am very hopeful that none of this nonsense will come to pass, and as I am writing this little bit of timely comedy three days before it actually unfurls on the Internet, you may well know so much more than me.


As I write from an empty library on a Saturday afternoon some of my managers are furiously preparing the front lobby of the library for a special request pick-up station during the time the library is closed. They are setting up checkout computers, lines, barricades, and social distancing measures. There are only one or two of them working on it. I was not invited to help, but I want to contribute to this bold initiative. So I've come up with a job for myself to help prepare.

I have decided to make a beautiful, proud, giant banner to hang above it all. In a grand and triumphal type it will read:

If we can get one book to one person we don't care how many people have to die!

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