Saturday, March 28, 2020

Pandemic Jukebox

In doing my hundred greatest albums of all time I regularly wonder: How will I fit the Kinks in there? They are easily one of my favorite bands of all time, but I'm not sure there is any album in particular that I can pick out. For me, more than any album, it's all those... songs.

As we stroll through the pandemic, with some of us dropping away to die (well, I mean, I HOPE not!), I do plan on providing a jukebox. I mean, can't you listen to a song or two from the computer you're at right now? And if you can, maybe you should listen to what, for me, belongs as the absolute song of the Pandemic.


Strangers on this road we are on. We are not two we are one.

Come on.

Maybe sometimes the songs I'll be sharing here will just be the music, but if I can, well: this is not only one of the most lovely Kink's songs, and one of the most lovely songs ever written, but as seen here it is from one of the most beautiful passages of film I have ever seen. 

I'm sorry that maybe it cuts off. I hate that, but I do beg you to take a look.

A favorite song in a favorite movie and absolutely essential to our current moment:


Bonuses for those of you doing the deep dive:

Keep in mind this is the second best song writer in the Kinks!

An enormously personable cover

You guys like the Kinks?

And one more singer I like

but these are all just footnotes.

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