Sunday, March 22, 2020

Same as it ever was

I'm at the closed library. I am sitting in the back room. I am working, such as it is, which it isn't. Maybe the phone will ring, maybe it won't. Half a dozen co-workers are somewhere out in this large library, I really don't know where. That's less than half of what we normally would have. I have no idea where the rest are- absent from fear, bunkered down, or on ventilators.

That last bit wasn't very funny, was it? No one here is on a ventilator, yet.

The world spins as ever. People like to say "We don't know what will happen tomorrow."

Yes we do.

Every day we know generally speaking what will happen tomorrow. We are accurate enough 99 times out of a hundred. That is an amazing level of accuracy!

But fucking hell that one time...

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