Thursday, March 26, 2020


Sometimes I write blogposts in my head as I try to fall asleep. And they're very important. Too important to forget. So I get up and walk to the living room. I look out upon my city from our wee but lordly perch. In the glowing street lights I am taken by surprise by a falling snow.

I don't know why I am surprised. It is hardly unusual for snow to fall here in the early Spring. Maybe all the grand crisis of the World and its terrible shutdown has made me forget the simple things like how we do not slip out of Winter here, but lurch unevenly.

And then I notice all the cars on the street below. Ten-thirty in the evening on a snowy Saturday night and the cars stream steadily by. No bars are open, no restaurants. There are no houses to visit, or clubs or businesses or theaters. It is all shut down. But still the cars. 

"Who on Earth would drive at night in the middle of an apocalypse?" I wonder.

I have now forgotten all the blogposts I have written in my head.

New ones will come.

I can sleep.

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