Sunday, March 29, 2020

Time for some Internet exercise!

People will occasionally proffer some helpful advice on the Internet like:

Hey, maybe you should get off the Internet and walk around a bit.

Which is fine, even if a bit superior, I mean, isn't the person who said that writing it on the Internet. Maybe they should try walking around a bit instead of telling other people to do so!

And so in that spirit, with some of you trapped in your homes, I have borrowed from a tiny piece of my blog history to offer this opportunity to do a few short laps without having to leave the Internet

This is possible because what I am offering here are laps around the Internet.

You can run as many laps as you like, but I'll warn you, it starts out mildly interesting the first lap and gets way less interesting from there. Mainly it's for the exercise.

Though what it exercises the health professionals have not yet determined.

Click here and get ready for a healthful but pointless lap around the Internet

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