Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Snow Glories! The photo essay

Having written the acclaimed "Snow Glory Trilogy" I thought maybe I'd said everything I needed to about Snow Glories. I was even thinking maybe I could instead say something about daffodils. I even remembered that clerkmanifesto is not a flower blog and I could write about something else entirely!

So I went for my morning walk. As I do during the Pandemic phase of this blog I even brought my little camera. But I didn't take any pictures. I thought "It's nice just walking around not taking pictures or even wanting to. I guess I'm all through with the picture taking phase of the pandemic."

And then I saw a Snow Glory.

Uh oh.

What, you may wonder, is a Snow Glory?

I have a picture. I just took it:

So now that you have seen a picture you are maybe thinking "So?"

And before I accept your challenge I'd even kind of like to agree with you.

"Agree with me! What?" You respond wildly. "You can't agree with me! This is the INTERNET!"

I can too agree with you! I... 

Oh. You got me.

Anyway, in some ways this first crocus picture is deceptive. If I'm walking around my neighborhoods and it's Snow Glory season, here is a more fair representation of what Snow Glories look like when I first realize that the Snow Glory game is afoot:

Even this might be misrepresentative. What about this:

Yeah. That's better. 

It's still the very start of Spring. Everything is scrabby and raw. Autumn's dead leaves have reappeared from hibernation under a bunch of thawing and freezing snow. Some tough old grass is out there turning green. And mostly there's a lot of dirt everywhere.

But someone has gotten in the early spirit of things. What's that blush of blue? That haze of color fuzzing about in the patches of muted green?


And so, hah!

I accept your challenge!

"What challenge?" You ask.

Don't argue okay? No arguing on the Internet.

So now we'll take a closer look:

And closer:

And closer:

Whoa. Too close! Too close! Back up one, okay?

That's a lot of flowers! 

What is a person supposed to do with that many flowers?

I don't know. 

Go close again, okay?

Hmm. They face down, don't they. And they're really... blue. Sorry, I didn't mean to get so technical.

Hmmm. I see.

All right. And back up one more time?


"Are there any bees?"


"Are there butterflies? It looks like there would be butterflies."

Nope. We don't even have sunshine. Seriously. We don't even have sunshine yet!

That's a lot of flowers!

That's a lot of flowers.


  1. Ummm...don't get mad at me, but...I don't think those are crocuses. Crocuses are purple or yellow. Snow Glories (I knew them as snowdrops when I was a kid) are blue. Just sayin'

  2. Of course, I hasten to add, the specific name doesn't in any way lessen the pleasure of the writing or the pictures.

    1. Walking along a couple days ago I was seized with the idea: Wait, what if these aren't crocuses. It made my stomach hurt.

      So, what if I went back and edited everything? Chionodoxa. Snow glories.

      I have to think about it for awhile.

      Thank you for setting me straight.


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