Sunday, May 24, 2020

Anuj and me

Today for you I provide yet another episode from the correspondence of myself, library blogger, and Anuj, founder of Feedspot, who controls a list of top 50 library blogs on the Internet, where I currently reside at number 31, but I have ambitions.

As we check in I am responding to Anuj's latest letter suggesting that I might mention, if I would, the Feedspot list of Top 50 Library Blogs on the Internet.


How lovely to hear from you.

You, my friend, are a go getter!

I respect that.

I do try to mention feedspot and your top library blogs list on my blog as often as possible, usually in my posts about our personal friendship. But it's all a bit awkward due to the fact that I am still only number 31 on the list of top library blogs. I don't want my many, many readers (easily more than 12 on most days!) to see the feedspot list and think I am a less important library blogger than I am. If I were higher on the list I would probably mention the list a lot more. I wish I had a good friend who could move me up on that list, but I hate to presume...

Of course, I wouldn't say all this if my rightful place wasn't number one on the list. I would rather drop (wrongly) to 37 on the list than for you to do anything unethical!

Also, how do I change the description of my blog on feedspot. It's all... weird. Have you read it?

Anyway, it was thrilling to hear from you. Keep up the good work.

Your friend,


Hi Feldenstein,

Please share across the changes needed in description. We will get it updated.

Feedspot editorial team extensively searched on Google and social media websites to find the best Library blogs and ranked them based on several factors such as.

1. Blog content quality

2. Post consistency

3. Age of the blog

4. Average number of shares on social sites for your blog posts

5. Traffic of your blog and more..

And if you keep posting quality content regularly and get more shares on social sites, your rank will improve with time for sure.

If you can briefly mention about the Top 50 Library blogs list in your upcoming blog post or article, we'd greatly appreciate it.

Please let me know if you can do the needful.


Hi Anuj,

I am always so delighted to hear from you!

I totally mention the list of best library blogs, like, all the time! Usually I just put our correspondence on my blog, because I'm proud of our friendship and I feel it says it all best.

Yes, you've clipped in that explanation about how my blog can get to number one on the list before. I can only briefly touch on my earlier response, which was basically to say that either your algorithm or someone on your team is making a terrible mistake since my blog is easily number one when it comes to both points one and two, ranks highly for point three, and though low in ranking on points four and five, those are not important and could be fixed anyway if only you would trust your heart by moving me to the top of the list.

But you must follow your own star, Anuj my friend.

At your request I have included several possible descriptions for my blog. Feel free to use whichever one you like best.

1. Clerkmanifesto is the library blog you have been looking for, and it will soon be number one on the Feedspot list as soon as a few procedural details are worked out.

2. A daily library blog by someone who believes the glass is half full even though it's really empty.

3. The cream rises to the top, and dead things float.

4. A daily library blog so witty, insightful, daring, wide ranging, and brilliant that you will soon tire of it.

5. "My personal favorite blog of any kind, library or other, and possibly the single finest thing on the Internet." Anuj Agarwal, Founder, Feedspot  (but only if you mean it).

Thanks for taking care of this! Any choice is okay with me. I am personally fond of "Four" and am thinking of putting it on my masthead for awhile. Of course I prefer "Five".  One can dream...

As ever, I hope you are well in this challenging time,

Feldenstein (your friend)

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