Friday, May 1, 2020

I am the one

Here are the best things about taking pictures of magnolias:

1. One can do it in the wind.

2. One can do it in the sun.

3. One can do it when it's cloudy.

4. One better do it while one can because one only seems to have a week or so before they all disappear.

5. They are very pretty so one doesn't have to be a very good photographer.

6. They are very pretty so one doesn't have to have a very good camera.

7. They are in a tree so one can do it standing up from all sorts of interesting angles.

8. They are big and complicated so one can do it as close up as their camera will let them get!

But the very best thing about taking pictures of magnolias doesn't show up in the pictures at all:

 When one stands around in the middle of trees full of magnolia blossoms, everything smells like magnolias.

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